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  • Hunstock
    a great product
    I do like to use it. I don't see the effect, but it's my fault, because I don't use it every day. I do feel it working, and after I remember using it for several days, I felt a little pain. I do recommend this product.

    May 16,2020

  • Michael Hanley
    Great effect!
    It definitely gives the abs a workout. This is because the device does use electrodes to shock the abdominal muscles and make them contract, just like you're doing an exercise.

    May 17,2020

  • Borisenko
    Very convenient
    Very convenient,using advanced technology, scientific exercise of your muscles, so that you maintain a good condition, do not need to move a finger,suitable for me.

    Mar 21,2020

  • Balanger
    So far so good.
    As a first-time user of EMS, I used the strongest abdominal pads twice and clearly felt and saw skin / muscle contractions. So far so good.

    Mar 24,2020

  • Adnan
    Seems useful
    This piece of equipment seems to be working well, tried it out and its good. We'll see the progress in a month

    Jul 08,2020

  • Nikos Kiarris
    Very satisfied
    Very satisfied, highly recommended for those who want to have very strong abdominal muscles and an attractive figure.

    May 22,2020

  • Carlos Manuel dos Santos Franco
    useful muscle stimulator kit!The protective film is still sticky after being used many times.

    May 16,2020

  • ivan DONZÉ
    good substitute
    As a person who hates doing ab exercises, I’m willing to live with this device as a substitute.

    May 18,2020

  • Michael Scherbaum
    Worth it
    arrived fast,I still trying the product. I’ll comment to see if it really helps produce abs

    Mar 22,2020

  • Ralf
    amazing product.
    very pleasantly surprised.it definitely helps contract my muscles.

    May 17,2020