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  • OutOfTouch
    Interesting and useful
    If you are a man and have to go to WC to pee in the middle of the night your eyes will probably hurt once the light is ON. This gadget solves the issue. It doesn't help mush for the ladies because of the body position but it might save you some electricity if you think how to use the device wisely. The shipping was fast. It works as suppose. It has 2 modes changing by button. Static light..and changing colors. It doesn't have on off button. It activates once it's dark and the sensor detects a movement in like...half a meter distance ( shown in the video ). It lights for 2 minutes after last movement. If you turn the light on in the room the devise should stop immediately. It's not water proof so you have to protect it with silicon or something else if you gonna use it combined room .. for example bathroom + WC. Time will tell if it's usable for long time. Thank you !

    Nov 17,2018

  • Lubomir
    BRELONG AAA LED Toilet - gearbest
    je to dobrý nápad - pre deti keď v noci musia isť na toaletu. nemusia zapínať lampu. Senzor je Ok ale nefunguje presne. zapína svetlo aj cez deň. Senzor pohybu funguje dobre. po 2 minútach sa svetlo automaticky vypne.

    It's a good idea - for kids when they have to go to the toilet at night. They do not have to switch on the lamp. The sensor is OK but it does not work exactly. Turns on light even during the day. The motion sensor works well. After 2 minutes the light turns off automatically.
    senzor is not good -
    Does not work exactly

    Jul 05,2017

  • Abraham
    Wonderful product
    it work very good, you can arrive to the toilet at night and start automatically working and illuminate your way in the toilet.
    also change color automatically or manual mode with the boton I show in the video
    I recommend very much this product, also the battery work for a long time and turn off automatically too

    Jun 14,2017

  • Franco Tabone
    BRELONG AAA Infrared Induction LED Toilet Night Light Bath Closestool
    Easy to install and ideally using 3 AAA rechargeable batteries and works great at no cost. It's fun and all the family were impressed and you can easily approach the toilet bowl without switching on the lights if you want to. An excellent buy and a very good price considering that it includes the postage even thou it nearly took 4 weeks to be delivered it was worth the wait.
    Nothing it was perfect buy. Only the postage took a bit long but cannot complain as it was close to the Christmas holidays plus the price included free postage.

    Dec 28,2016

  • Roberto
    Night Pissings... Never the same!
    Cool lamp colors
    Adjusting the color may control the luminosity for those more sensible
    Strong attaching arm, caution: take a little for perfect match

    Press button once for cycling colors, press again to stop cicle

    The batteries (sold separately) are long lasting cause the LED

    Caution: You gonna miss this when in other toilet!

    Aug 31,2017

  • Martin Ford
    Really cool product
    Product came really quickly. For it's price (I paid 5€) it is a really nice to have product.
    You can choose one colour, or leave it interchanging between colours for a surprise everytime you use the bathroom, hahah
    It has a cool "power save" feature, that it turns off if there is enough light.
    Works exactly as advertised
    None that I can see at the moment.

    Oct 10,2016

  • tomy86
    Cool, funny and useful
    • cool and handy
    • good strong little led
    • I down't need to switch on the light in the bathroom at night
    • the fact that there is place for three AAA batteries offer a long lightning-life-time
    • I was so positively surprised that i bought another one for my girlfriend, every toilet should have one of this lights
    • it is an eye-catcher in every bathroom
    • there is no possibility to adjust the sensibility of the sensor or the lightning duration

    Sep 30,2016

  • Den
    Nice, but to too bright on fresh batteries
    - interesting solution for people who do not like to turn on lights at light
    - easy to use, two modes - constant light with one color or with gradient changing colors
    - works good - not turning on when other light is on and turinig off itself after two minutes
    - a little bit too bright at night with fresh batteries

    Aug 24,2016

  • bigD
    toilet night light
    Very small and clever design. Does exactly what it says it does. Motion sensor switches on led, giving the user enough time to use the loo without turning lights on and waking up others in the same environment. Colour can be fixed to one colour or continually changing. Uses 3 AAA household batteries

    Aug 22,2017

  • Vladislav
    Original lighting for the toilet, with a motion sensor. Everything is working! I recommend to buy!
    Оригинальная подсветка для унитаза, с датчиком движения. Все работает! Рекомендую к покупке!!!

    Jan 23,2018