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  • miodragon
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Best phone ever (if you are a gamer)
    Fantastic In every way. I am very happy with it. It is like portable gaming console. :-D
    I do not know why they use orange color for some details it is irritating a bit I would like it all black, but that is probably just me.
    Phone arrived in original box and it is a pleasure to open it. Phone is easy to use. Before first use, charge phone for 8 hours or more. See Asus manual. Then when you turn it on for the first time just follow the steps even a child can do it.
    It is a bit big and it is hard to type with one hand but hey you need a big screen for games right :-D
    It is also a bit heavy.
    Fingerprint scanner is a bit small, and is hard to scan when you put case on the phone.
    It is fast!
    Lot of Asus ROG details!
    You either love it or hate it!

    Jan 23,2019