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  • Samantha
    Container best for children
    The perfect snack container! Like seriously, I love this thing! I have two children at 4 and 6 years old. They both want snacks when out, so I have tried many kinds of snack containers over the years. The ones that made of food grade silicone are the best for children. You don't have to worried the consequences caused by unhealthy plastic at least. This one has the added advantage that it folds down too! So, when they are done their snack I can just fold it down and shove it in my bag. This is wonderful for short outings where you don't necessarily need to bring a big bag with you.
    Recommend to parents.

    May 29,2018

  • Christopher
    I bought three and I love using these. They store well in a small space, I love the feeling of the silicone and how can you not love the color blue? I open my cabinet and smile just seeing these adorable happy containers! The lids snap on super easily. No more worrying about warped lids that don't seal completely. I don't just use them for leftovers but for storing snacks. They would be good for crafting too. I threw away all my crappy plastic ones and just use silicone and glass now for all my food needs.

    Jun 04,2018

  • Sandra
    A great container
    Tengo que recomendar este contenedor. Vivo en un pequeño apartamento donde nunca hay suficiente espacio para nada. El recipiente se adapta a muchos alimentos sobrantes y luego se derrumba cuando termina de usarlo. También creo que es una gran calidad. Creo que es perfecto para la comida de mi bebé y mi esposo la usa para llevar su almuerzo al trabajo. Es estanco, por lo que mi esposo también está satisfecho con él. Perfecto para cada miembro de la familia. gran producto a buen precio!

    May 30,2018

  • Massimo
    zanmini silicone food storage container
    Adoro il design pieghevole e salvaspazio di questo contenitore. La valvola superiore funziona alla grande per controllare cosa succede all'interno del contenitore. Sono stato in grado di lavare le fragole e lasciarle intere e pulite nel contenitore per una settimana senza alcuna crescita di muffa. La valvola conteneva abbastanza umidità per mantenere il frutto fresco, ma non così tanto da aver iniziato a modellare. Il fatto che memorizza bene è solo un ulteriore vantaggio.

    Jun 05,2018

  • Michael
    Collapsible & Leakproof
    In order to reduce waste, I have started carrying collapsible food containers when i do to restaurants. I really like this one because it is very lightweight and folds down to almost nothing, and it holds quite a bit of food. I think I would use it filled with food in a cooler while traveling, because it works well to prevent leakage. I thought the waitstaff would think it was really tacky for me to do this, but they actually seem to appreciate my efforts.

    May 30,2018

  • Tracy
    Love it.
    I love this container. It's no problems with dishwasher and microwave. The air hole works great, and no leakage in the box. Big enough for one person. Can take it to many places especially park at weekend for picnic. Can be folded which save much space. What's more, the shape is cute, love the folk. Blue is my favorite color. I bought another for my husband. Different color options will be better so I can easily distinguish mine.
    No cons.

    May 28,2018

  • Andy
    A great one
    This is a great one for our need. I try to avoid plastic food container, but for some applications, glass just won't work! This one does have plastic lid, but it don't touch the food unless the dish is really full. I don't put plastic dishes in the dishwasher, but this silicone one does well in there. The fact that it collapse is great because it don't take a lot of room for storage. I am really glad I bought this container!

    May 31,2018

  • Ashley
    Perfect for small space.
    If you have small space in the kitchen or you just want a great container, this one will not disappoint you. I wish you could get this, then you would see how cool it is. It microwaves well (don't have to be careful with the lid vent to make sure it's open during microwaving because air holes help a lot). We've frozen it and put it in the dishwasher. I will be ordering more.

    Jun 01,2018

  • Betty
    Recommended contaniner
    The lid has never once come off this. NEVER ONCE!!!! This is more than I can say for every single snack container I have tried over the years. Full or empty that lid stays snapped on. The silicone is thick enough to not smash up the snack inside when bounced around but also thin enough to fold up easily. My child is capable of opening and closing this on her own.

    May 31,2018

  • Hannah
    Nice container.
    My kid love this storage. I used this to teach my kid eat by himself. The container is big enough for him. Though the folk in the container is too big for him to hold. It inspired him. I was surprised that my kid love the folk and always want to keep it around. As its material is safe for child, i do not worried more but the unsafety stab of the folk.

    Jun 01,2018