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  • jason smith
    With a pretty decent battery especially for the size - all at a great price, the interface on this little guy is bizarre and clumsy - you can't lock it in turbo mode it's a momentary on / off switch ... you have to press the power button for a full two seconds to turn it on, but trust me - in my line of work it is INCREDIBLY annoying, the buttons are so close together that I keep accidentally hitting both of them at the same time while trying to turn it on which keeps switching the unit from `` demo'' mode to `` daily'' mode and back again, just strange ... this is * almost * hands-down the best keychain flashlight in the world ... get rid of this silly interface and you'll easily have the crown

    Jul 15,2018

  • Teia
    Awesome light put it on your keychain and you have an unbelievable amount of brightness.i have full sized flashlights that aren't as bright.plus who wants to carry a big flashlight when they make something so small and powerful.it also has indicator to tell u how low battery is.something u don't see on most small rechargables

    Aug 09,2018

  • Horacio
    Muy buena linterna una de mis favoritas. Es de buen material muy comoda al tacto. Tiene muy buen brillo tanto el led principal como el led lateral. incluye su cable para carga micro USB y también incluye un cable OTG para usarse como power bank. incluye batería. Excelente!!
    En el modo turbo se calienta y cuando la bateria no esta bien cargada el tiempo es muy corto en el modo turbo

    May 13,2018

  • R.Medford
    I am so tickled by this flashlight, multi mode and so bright at the highest mode, so small and lightweight I barely notice it's on my keychain -- I really like a minimalist keychain

    Aug 29,2018

  • Kevin Rose
    This key chain light is fantastic, I bought it because I work in dark places and sometimes I forget my big flashlight and this will always be with me

    Jun 14,2018

  • 禄R茂脟H陇脙r脨'搂
    I don't like the fact that you have to hold the power button down for about a second or two before it turns on, very bright light for it's size tho

    Oct 14,2018

  • HFK
    Great little pocket light, just when you need the light the most, I am switching back to one of my other lights for daily use

    May 31,2018

  • childactor67
    Bright for a truly tiny flashlight, it's great for getting in your car at night for the front door of your house In the dark

    Apr 23,2018

  • william sexton
    Is a good size to fit in my pocket with the keys, and has not broken nor come apart as other pocket lights that I have tried

    Apr 03,2018

  • Ron Erickson
    The beam is broad and diffuse, it lacks a certain `` quality'' feel to it, however ; while I like the small size and weight

    May 06,2018