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  • Darren Orrell
    I got this watch for a very sweet little girl that is in second grade her grandfather is trying to teach her to tell time with out a digital watch and I thought this would be perfect to help her out, When she got it she was so excited she loves the watch dearly, I recommend this to any one wanting to teach a child how to tell time with a real clock instead of a distal number

    Jun 30,2018

  • hicham
    LED Kids Sports
    salut je viens d’acheter cette Montre-bracelet pour ma fille de notre meilleur site-web gerbest, elle est vraiment magnifique cette montre-bracelet et adorable.on peut regarder l'heur par un simple clic sur le bouton et comme ça ma fille n'aura aucune excuse pour rater l’école =) =) =)
    merci infiniment gerbest

    Mar 01,2019

  • Miriam Hamermesh
    it was her favorite color, she and i both liked the `` to'' and `` past'' features printed on the watch face, which has been a big help to her in learning to tell time, she wanted to actually learn to tell time and did not want a digital watch, the watch is waterproof as well, she loves her watch and it is just perfect for her

    Aug 08,2018

  • Harshal
    Led Sports Bracelet Wrist Watch
    Led Sports Bracelet Wrist Watch is cool product of GearBest.
    Its looking like a mi band 3.Price also low compare to other site.
    Delivery also very Fast.I am livin India but I got my delivery within 4 days only.Friendly Costomer support.
    please always go through the gearbest.

    Dec 27,2018

  • hicham
    bande rose de ma petite fille
    salut je viens de recevoir cette bande WATCH rose fabriquée en silicone, que j l'ai acheté pour ma petite fille, cette bande en silicone est vraiment bonne et en trés bonne qualité, comme ça ma petite fille aura aucune excuse d'aller en retard à l' école.
    avec cette magnifique bande ma faille peut

    Mar 01,2019

  • Patricia A. Clark
    The numbers are clear and learning to understand the minutes is also clear, I am proud to say she an tell time !! I don't think I will ever buy her a digital watch because kids have it too easy with everything nowadays and sometimes its good to just use your brain and figure things out

    Jan 22,2018

  • stocksy
    doing her usual kid stuff, this is a great watch, She had no problem reading the small numbers around the edge, but she was very upset that the watch was ruined so quickly, I'm going to look for a different watch that can handle typical kids `` rough and tumbleness'' for her

    Mar 10,2018

  • Jamille2
    The blue minute hand matches the blue minutes, We've tried several kid's watches and we couldn't get her to wear any of them for any length of time because they bothered her wrist, This watch is very comfortable and she wears it all day, Thanks for the great product

    Apr 13,2018

  • Santhiago
    Pela segunda vez fiz a compra no site e chegou com 1 mês e meio após o pedido.Sugestão de atualizar sobre a localização do produto e colocar uma embalagem mais reforcada para preservar o conteúdo.
    Senti falta do plástico bolha ou mesmo de uma caixa de papelão,o meu relógio chegou em um saco plástico reforçado.Relógio vem com bateria e funcionando,funcionamento perfeito.

    Sep 23,2018

  • Watch
    LED Kids Sports Wrist Watch
    The shipment was fast, they came on time. I ordered 3 of these for my nephews and niece. They loved it,and will not take them watch off. I may order more later on. Thanks. No complaints about the product.

    Aug 14,2019