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  • Daniel Bergo
    Very Elegant end Modern
    Very nice light from Xiaomi with Phillips, has two fonts of lights one in top and the other on the back.
    I found some difficult in connect the light with my smartphone... I didn't make it, but overall it's very good, Good light and the better, there is no switch buttons ... It just use sensors.

    Sep 22,2018

  • Aaron Robinson
    Absolutely love this light !! I needed a bright light for my large corner desk, I love all of the settings and options to include daylight cool light and warm light as well as a nightlight, the light has a good solid base so it won't tip over

    May 18,2018

  • Murray Bowles
    I have low vision and the variable spectrum and brightness settings are especially useful, my favorite settings can remain the ` default' setting unless I want to change them which is very easy, it takes little room on my desk

    May 21,2018

    What can I say this is a very stylish modern lamp that functions well, recommend purchasing if you need a well made stylish table lamp that provides perfect lighting for virtually every situation

    Aug 14,2018

  • Trudi S.
    I ordered because the reviews where so good, durable looking and just plain sexy lamp, love all the selections of led light choices and the ability to shine light in most optimum directions

    Oct 29,2018

    Have it on the desk in my office next to my large screen desk top computer, the extra light has made a big difference in lessening eye strain for me, the optional settings are awesome

    Aug 15,2018

  • Kris McBee
    The ability to changed the brightness and temperature of the light is very nice, the quality of construction was great ; nice heavy base with nice lamp head position adjustments

    Jul 04,2018

  • Radar626
    It's possible to adjust the color of the light, and at the highest setting it's very bright and can illuminate a wide area, the actual design and construction are excellent

    May 20,2018

  • LionHeart
    It is easy to adjust settings for different intensities and whether you want a white or soft light, I also like that it has a built in USB port so I can charge my phone

    Aug 15,2018

  • chen zheng
    This is a nice professional desk lamp, I personally use it with my PC desktop desk during late night hours, the controls on the unit are touch sensitive

    Aug 30,2018