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  • Curitis Gibson
    How can anyone not love this projector?
    After spending a month on looking for a projector that provides quality at an affordable price, I decided to go with Martrea A15.
    The picture is great at the price point, accepting the 1080p input, and the colors are vibrant yet natural. Adjustable projected area is the function I need most. The projector itself is nice and small and feels well built and setting up is simply a case of plugging in the main power supply, plugging in your required input device and adjusting the projectors focus to your desire. The fans on this projector are not that loud you even don't notice them. On balance, I think this is the best projector currently available on the market in terms of quality/price.

    Apr 17,2019

  • Cash Evelina
    Best budget projector out there!
    So for starters this projector is the best deal I have come across and on a side note it's smaller than I expected, that's not a bad thing though.The picture is bright, vibrant, and crisp. I have had other projectors through the years at around this price range and this one by far is the best one I have had. It's bright enough that you can still see the picture clearly in daylight as well if your using a proper projection screen and not a white bed sheet. If your looking for a decent budget projector then look no further. This one definitely is the one to get.

    Apr 19,2019

  • Webster Benson
    Must Buy HD Projector for Home Theatre and Gaming!
    MUST BUY!!! The pictures, color, and lighting is amazing in a pretty well lit room. Very premium product.
    Picture Quality: This short throw projector works great, for the color, clarity, and sharpness! Sound quality: Not the best sound for this small projector, but 5 stars because for this size, it had a pretty decent and clear sound.
    Portable: 5 stars hands down. It is literally the size of a novel and the size of my hands, I am really happy I purchased it.
    Other Pros: Just buy it, you won't regret it.

    Apr 15,2019

  • Yoni
    Good projector at a good price
    Beautiful design, comes in nice packaging and good image quality.
    The projector is less suitable for presentations and conditions of full light but is certainly suitable for any other use like movies and video games.

    Jun 14,2019

  • Sandy Francis
    Great Projector with high quality.
    My family and I are soo happy to have this mini projector in our house! The projector was safely packaged in a box, with great quality pic. If your room is very dark this projector displays amazing high quality picture

    Apr 22,2019

  • Yedda Doris
    Projector for rooms with lot of light
    My living room has a glass window on the ceiling and also huge sliding door to the backyard and was worried if picture would be visible with so much light, but to my surprise the clarity and quality is fantastic.

    Apr 12,2019

  • Heloise MacPherson
    Bright & clear Picture - Family loves it !!
    So, coming from that fuzzy quality to this crisp & clear quality; specially at this price point was great. Otherwise I’m definitely happy with the pricing and the quality of this projector.

    Apr 13,2019

  • Eve Jenny
    Great Little Projector
    The brightness is great for this price range and the resolution is amazing, it will easily project at 150 inches, the color reproduction is good, and the sound quality is acceptable

    Apr 20,2019

  • Regina Watt
    Amazing little projector
    For the price this little projector is amazing. It's very bright, not too loud and will provide an excellent experience. So far I've used it for movies, and very satisfied.

    Apr 09,2019

  • Harold Bill
    Big screen fun!
    After using the it for a few weeks this feels like an awesome buy. Overall I would recommend this projector and am happy with my choice.

    Apr 21,2019