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  • gor-46684
    Very decent charger TOMO V8-2In the below data the reviews, they practically all are specified.
    I want, to share the observations. One of the most important advantages of this device that it works only in the automatic mode. Insert a cable, in a nest of USB (1.0 or 2.0 A) and forget about the rest.
    The TOMO V8 device - 2 all rest will make for you. Will include and will disconnect charging. Only will also remain to you what to observe on the display (with nice green illumination), voltage and amperage.
    Here one of buyers wrote in the feedback: "A small current of a charge, around 350-400 мА on the canal."
    I would like to learn from it: "Your batteries are calculated on accepting bigger current of a charge?"
    Watch, on below the provided photos. I load, old Samsung GT-C3530 phone with the battery 960 mAh. For charging I use, except the TOMO V8-2 device, some more battery chargers of different firms (we won't do advertizing).
    And so, all these devices and including TOMO V8-2 (on the display), showed absolutely identical data on current intensity.
    Authentic charging from Samsung GT-C3530, showed the same result.
    At native, 2A of the battery charger from Philips Xenium V387, the result was identical.
    Blank battery on Samsung galaxy s3, accepted a charge from TOMO V8-2, it is more than from the native battery charger. 1.12 A at A nominal value of 1.0 A.
    Now it is clear to you in what the reason of so low current of a charge?
    It is the automatic machine and he will select the necessary charge current for your device.
    And remember one thing, than closer to the end of charging, the less current.
    To the black device the white wire, for me is a nonsense.

    Nov 17,2016

  • ioannis
    TOMO V8 - 2 Portable Power Bank 18650 Ladegerät - WEIß 1
    ● TOMO V8-2, 18650, USB-Akku-Ladegerät, Power-Bank
    ● Zwei Steckplätze laden jeden 18650 Akku einzeln auf
    ● LCD mit Hintergrundbeleuchtung zeigt separaten Batteriestatus
    ● USB-Eingang -und Ausgang, Dual-Nutzung, Laden und Entladen zu jeder Zeit und überall
    ● Power-Bank-Funktion: Wird als externes Notfall-Ladegerät für Handys, Tablets und andere USB-Geräte verwendet.
    Achtung: Batterien sind nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.

    Jan 28,2019

  • Oscar M
    Totalmente recomendable
    Además de su función de cargador portátil (powerbank) se puede usar simplemente para cargar baterías tipo 18650 (no vienen incluidas). Su display te da toda la información de carga, descarga y estado de las baterías. Con dos salidas USB de 5V a 1A y 2A respectivamente. Relación calidad/precio excelente.

    Mar 15,2020

  • Love it
    As described
    This device is even more than I expected. Quality plastic. Works as described. comes with short micro USB wire. Came very quickly! Totally worth its money.
    The only what I would like to have the option to chose the short USB wire type. As there is more USB c-type used.

    Jan 11,2019

    TOMO a great USB Bettery Charger
    Very good hybrid, charging 2 batteries type 18650 simultaneously, separately for use on another device or in the TOMO as a powerbank, you can take 10 batteries charged type 18650, replacing them as you needed. The shotgun of powerbanks
    You may have to slightly improve the product quality, but the price is the best I've seen

    Aug 05,2016

  • Oleksandr Yatsenko
    Отличный повербанк.
    Отличный повербанк. Заявленный ток заряда держит. Аккумуляторы работают независимо друг от друга. Очень удобная индикация, показывает ток заряда и напряжение отдельно для каждого порта. Очень рекомендую к покупке. Для тех кто живет в Украине - старайтесь не связываться с Новой Почтой. По Украине посылка шла дольше чем от Китая до Украины.
    Минусов не обнаружил.

    Dec 07,2016

  • Amritansh
    Charger and Powerbank that gives detailed info
    Gives charging information in detail like Milli ampere and voltage.
    Uses different channels. So you can put different 18650 batteries.
    Good build quality
    Little bulky

    Sep 18,2016

  • Alexander
    Tomo V8 PowerBank / Charger
    + two output USB ports
    + Capacity on demand - Depends on used battery
    + compact design
    + Display with backlight (can be turned off)
    + Can be a charger
    - a little to short USB cable

    Nov 08,2016

  • Dani
    Practical and good
    It loads very quickly the batteries with it. Faster than if you loaded for example with a way, Revenger X, I did not find any defects. It is very small and beautiful and practical. It's worth the money, I recommend to anyone.

    Dec 08,2018

  • MA Novi
    Cargador baterías / Power bank
    Carcasa para 2 baterías recargables con formato 18650
    Carga las baterías y una vez cargadas se usa como powerbank
    2 salidas USB y 1 microusb
    Pantalla para indicar el nivel de carga de cada una de las 2 baterías (no se incluyen)
    Buena calidad
    Era el tamaño que quería (a mí me resulta bastante cómodo)
    de momento ninguno

    Jan 29,2016