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  • MT
    USB-C Kabel, magnetisch
    USB-C Kabel mit Stoffummantelung, schwarz, Länge zirka 95 cm.

    c-Seite mit magnetischem Steckereinsatz. Sehr helle Status-LED. Bei nicht angeschlossenem Gerät und bei vollständiger Ladung grün, während des Ladens blau. Starker Magnet.

    Cons. LED etwas zu hell, erleuchtet nachts den ganzen Raum.

    Wenn man was über die LED drüber klebt, ist es ein super Produkt.

    Oct 09,2019

  • Thomas Ford Jr
    Had no issues using it except with my hairdrying goes crazy but I think it is more of a voltage issue of the hair dryer because the same thing happened in Europe with those converters, I need to find a lower voltage hairdryer for international travel

    Mar 03,2018

  • José Silva
    o melhor cabo para quem trabalha com aplicações no carro, por exemplo quem trabalha com a Uber, para não estar sempre a meter e a tirar o cabo, mantém a peça pequena encaixada e depois é só encostar o cabo. nem precisa olhar ela encaixa logo no sitio

    Apr 22,2019

  • Дмитрий
    Очень удобно пользоваться.
    Защищаешь свой порт от поломки.
    Оболочка матерчатая и приятная на ощупь.
    Больших минусов пока не нашёл. Может быть маленький минус к самому кабель. Если перевернуть разъем, то не всегда читает телефон. Идет только зарядка.

    Apr 20,2018

  • Daniel Junio
    Muito Bom
    Ponto positivo :
    Funciona perfeitamente de acordo com o que é mostrado no site

    Ponto negativo :
    Às vezes a parte magnética do Cabo esquenta muito... Chega a dar medo...

    Jun 07,2019

  • Zarcoil
    Works well.
    Charge rate is about 1100 - 1300mA. Original cable and charger for my sgs 9+ shows about 1900 - 2000mA.
    Both sides of plug works well.

    Dec 22,2018

  • The Apostle
    It's good solid wire used throughout my entire system, Everything about this wire is `` Good, or changed in resistance since my initial purchase

    Jul 26,2018

  • JEB
    The ability to use two American plugs into one European outlet was a plus for sure, We are keeping this item in our overseas travel case

    Aug 17,2018

  • Jaykay
    Very good cable
    Very good cable would recommend. Supports quick charge. Cable feels strong and has nice metal finish...

    Dec 12,2018

  • Kristin O'Shields
    Used these on our multi-country visit to Europe - was nice to have more than one to plug in all of our things in the bathroom

    Apr 20,2018