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  • jose
    Yedou E27
    In English Langue:
    This device works perfectly, and is ideal to obtain a point of light or to illuminate a room.
    For example, I use it in the kitchen, the fluorescent tube on the ceiling is very slow to light, it takes a long time and it is not convenient to be in and out of the kitchen. On the other hand, with this device that I bought at Gearbest, I have light instantly and as many times as I want. A bulb is screwed and you have light at any point where you have a plug.
    It is made with quality materials, and I recommend this product.

    In Spanish Langue:
    Este dispositivo funciona prefectamente, y es ideal para obtener un punto de luz ocn el que iluminar una habitación.
    Por ejemplo yo lo utilizo en la cocina, el tubo fluorescente del techo es muy lento para encenderse, tarda mucho y no es decuado para estar entrando y saliendo de la cocina. En cambio con este dispositivo que he comprado en Gearbest tengo luz al instante y tantas veces como quiero. Se enrosca una bombilla y tienes luz en cualquier punto donde tengas un enchufo.
    Está fabricado con materiales de primera calidad, y yo recomiendo este producto.

    May 16,2019

  • AurelianT
    works well
    Bought this for 0.99 USD and I am happy with the purchase. This is a great little device that I use for quickly testing if an outlet is functioning or not. It is also great for occasional use outside, on the end of a long extension cord. It's not really a premium product, but it's good enough for the price. The on/off switch works well and the build feels solid.

    Jan 10,2019

  • AurelianT
    solid build, great price
    At little over 1 USD, this socket is very well priced and also useful. Not only a way to quickly test if an outlet is powered or not at the moment, but also a great helper for rooms in which you need only occasionally a little extra light. Well built, solid threads and switch. A very good purchase for me.

    Jan 13,2019

  • Alex
    YEDUO E27 Female Socket To EU Plug Adapter
    Strong, bone-colored, heat-resistant plastic structure. Good buy at a good price. Exclusive look. Timeless, eternal piece. Deeper wall connectors require an extension element. Good luck that GearBest is also available :). Getting started is very simple. I recommend buying it for everyone.

    Mar 01,2019

  • Ser
    YEDUO E27 Female Socket To EU Plug by buygoodbest.blogspot.com
    YEDUO E27 Female Socket To EU Plug Adapter/power On-off Control Switch by gearbest

    buygoodbest.blogspot.com rating (1-10):

    Quality: 7
    Price: 9
    Package: 7

    Total Rate: 7,7

    Comments: It works but its not the best quality. Good price for this product.




    May 27,2019

  • Dior
    Goods as described.
    Fast shipping.
    The package arrived in Poland in 19 days.
    Everything works.
    The bulb fits the thread perfectly.
    Adapter adapted to the electrical contact.
    I am very happy with the purchase.
    I recommend :)

    Mar 19,2019

  • Alex
    YEDUO E27 Female Socket
    Casual buy at a good price. E27 (female socket) to EU plug adapter with power on-off control switch. High temperature resistant, anti-burning PBT and anti-aging. Recommend to everyone for everyday use.

    Jan 21,2019

  • Natalia
    e27 to eu plug adapter.
    Это устройство можно использовать как ночник. Я использую его совместно с ваттметром для проверки энергопотребления светодиодных ламп. Качество нормальное, но пришлось срезать заусенцы. / This device can be used as a night light. I use it with a wattmeter to check the power consumption of LED lamps. The quality is normal, but had to cut the burrs.

    Mar 08,2019

  • Den
    YEDUO E27 Female Socket To EU Plug Adapter/power On-off Control Switch
    Переходник YEDUO E27 гнездо к ЕС розетке / переключатель питания.
    Хороший качественный адаптер переходник с выключателем и центральным подпружиненным контактом.

    Jan 15,2019

    YEDUO E27 Female Socket To EU Plug Adapter/power On-off Control Switch $0.99
    recommended.Portable E27 bulb, excellent product!
    Very good quality relating to the price!
    Very easy to use, simple. Standard EU socket!
    Fits all E27 bulb.
    Works with LED bulbs.
    Fast shipping, very cheap!
    Thank you Gearbest!

    Jan 01,2019