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  • Justin Wallace
    I did use the box opener for cutting tasks and was nice to have an easily accessible bottle opener

    Nov 04,2018

  • Jennifer Welch
    Get rid of the dumb bottle opener and i'd prefer this, I really hate the superfluous bottle opener

    Nov 23,2018

  • Brenda the barber
    The actual product is pretty small but perfect for my use, and the bottle opener - great purchase

    Nov 23,2018

  • Gunslinger69
    key chain sized multi tool.
    beefier than I imagined. Scrapper end (flat screw driver) will need to be sharpened a little.

    Jul 15,2019

  • T. Judson
    This is the perfect size and it never hurts to have a bottle opener handy

    Oct 29,2018

  • FitOne
    Great product, plus the multi tool is an amazing addition to any EDC

    Nov 10,2018

  • EDC tool
    buen tamaño
    se puede utilizar en el llavero

    Jan 12,2020

  • Jound
    Still sharp and has a bottle opener

    Nov 17,2018