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  • Berg Sandy
    High Cost-effective
    Earphones are very useful and sound quality is also good. I use iPhone, which connects very fast and has no bugs. Besides, I can wear them when I run without falling off. The headphone box is cute and beautiful, and the battery can be seen on the phone. Both the box and the headphone charge quickly, so there is no need to worry about the long wait.The most important is the price of good, high cost performance

    Sep 25,2019

  • Merlin Sophy
    Grat Earphone
    It can be comparable to Xiaomi AirDots, with a long battery life and sufficient charging box. Small and exquisite appearance, the box and invisible glasses box are the same size, easy to carry, very good. The sound of earphone is surrounded in three dimensions, quite considerate. Bluetooth connection speed is also very fast, take out the automatic connection, especially like

    Oct 02,2019

  • Colbert Toland
    Comfortable Wearing
    Wearing is very comfortable, charging is also very fast, watching video, play games and so on, sound quality is very good, very clear, the sense of experience is very good, stereo effect is very good, convenient to carry, endurance is super good, worthy of the price. It doesn't hurt your ears to listen to music for hours, it won't fall off when you swing it, it's also appropriate to run

    Sep 30,2019

  • Moira Carpenter
    Convenient use
    The earphones are very comfortable to wear, small, fast connection, every time you take them out will automatically boot up the connection. Sound quality performance is also good, call sound quality clear, signal is relatively stable. When running in the future, you can also wear a song, no longer afraid of winding coils

    Sep 19,2019

  • Jo Katharine
    Love this cute items
    For a true wireless earphone, the sound quality is already very good, the call is clear, the portability is quite good, the standby time is long, the earbuds charge quickly. Wearing is also very comfortable feeling, it will not drop when running, the price is very good, logistics is also very good, overall very satisfactory

    Sep 28,2019

  • Alta voz M06
    Excelente Producto
    Me gustó el producto por que el material con el que está hecho es de excelente calidad. Y se escuchan súper bien. La duración de la batería de los audífonos es excelente.

    Nov 09,2019

  • Bernie Wolf
    Very Good
    The earphone is great, the sound and the battery capacity is my favor. recommanded

    Oct 08,2019

  • Juliet Chaucer
    Like very much
    Portable and easy to use, great connection, no worry about delay

    Sep 24,2019

  • Baldwin Aly
    The charging case is very mini and portable, very practical

    Sep 18,2019

  • Ronald Black
    The charging case can charge the phone, it's very amazing

    Oct 07,2019