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  • mattie
    Great performers.
    These are excellent fro premade coils. I never used to purchase coils that were all ready made, they were all junk a few years back. Before I became as skilled in coil making as I am now, I would much rather of just made myself a simple clapton coil, before buying premade coils.

    Well a lot of that has changed, because there are some very good performing coils being manufactured now, and the GATLIN is one of them. I always have Gatlin N80's here, and when I am low, i order more. These are excellent, and with a little care, some cleaning and brushing, they will last a long time. VERY STURDY

    Very accurate ohm rating. These are rated at .15 each, and that is correct. I set installed, after firing and poking ohms out at a rowdy .07

    Although I like to vape .06 to .10, i do not recommend this for everyone.

    Nov 24,2018

  • K
    Utrabo Ni80 Gatlin Heating Wire
    Utrabo Ni80 Gatlin Heating Wire is different from Ni200, Ni200 is pure Nickel.Ni80 is alloy
    As for use, because Ni80 wire is soft, heating quickly, most people use Ni80 for lower ohm building, especially for twisted builds, What’s more,most temperature control devices are programmed to follow the heat coefficient of that wire, however Ni80 doesn’t have a perfectly predictable temperature coefficient curve, due to its other alloy ingredient.
    Some people allergic to nickel, these people can not use any wires contains nickel ingredient, Ni80, Ni200, nichrome.
    nnnnno !!

    Apr 26,2018

  • Fjord
    Utrabo ni80 gatlin heating coils
    Utrabo ni80 gatlin heating coils
    I was surprised by these coils, all of them perfect and have an exceptional aroma. I used them in single coil and dual coil and they're great. I used them for 50ml and I have not changed them yet. Super recommended.

    Sep 08,2018

  • Black
    Отличные койлы!
    Жарят аки СОТОНА!!!
    Пара дала 0,08 Ом после прожига.
    Навал и вкус на высшем уровне!!!
    Отправка через неделю + один месяц доставка на Украину (с Алика уже от недели доходит!!!).
    В остальном нареканий нету...

    Mar 12,2018

  • Antonio
    Se calienta muy rapido, da buen sabor, se supone que es de ni80 funciona de manera correcta y dan buen rendimiento
    se deforma muy facilmente a la hora de colocarla o adaptarla al atomizador y se puede soltar alguna vuelta

    Mar 15,2018

  • dd
    guter geschmack
    die coils sind gut im Geschmack und Dampf wer schnell mal die coils wechsel wollen ist man gut beraten

    Jul 08,2019

  • Patrick
    Gute coils
    Habe sie in verschiedene Verdampfer eingebaut und muss sagen sind ganz gut
    Keine Probleme

    Jul 14,2018

  • A. Tenor
    Top Prebuild Coils. Super verarbeitet und top im Geschmack

    Jul 24,2019

  • Michael
    tip top!

    Jul 01,2018