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  • patrickepps0416
    PROS : the USB ports were awesome because it eliminated the need to bring my iPhone cube and allowed for multiple devices to be charged at a time -LRB- two phones, The compact design -LRB- the prongs don't stick out -RRB- was nice too, CONS : when plugged into most outlets, -RRB- It also doesn't work with `` high voltage'' items like the steamer or hair straightener I brought even though the voltage it can conduct hass more capacity than each of those items use, I was able to use another power adapter -LRB- the plain kind -RRB- with the steamer

    Jun 02,2018

  • Majo
    Resistente y funcional
    Es increíble lo versátil que resulta este cable tres en uno, no sólo tiene un acabado moderno gracias a los toques metálicos de color rojo, sino que además este protector metálico te ayuda a retirar el conector sin tirones lo que se traduce en una vida más útil de cable, el cual cuenta con un grosor firme y se ve resistente, y lo mejor de todo es su funcionalidad, he conectado las tres salidas al mismo tiempo, e increíblemente todos los dispositivos cargaban al mismo tiempo. Realmente práctico, para quienes como yo trabajan con dispositivos con conectores diferentes, se acabó buscar el cable correcto con este todo en uno de Gocomma.

    Aug 23,2018

  • mark
    good cable
    works as described on Iphone, type c with Samsung S8 and micro US with Nokia6 --- need more characters for my review that sucks....
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    Dec 29,2018

  • António Manuel
    One USB to three multi function Android, Iphone and type C
    Cabo para carregamento de telemóveis Android, Iphone e do tipo C. A qualidade dos materias são boas e adaptam-se na perfeição aos vários tipos de entrada dos telemóveis. Uma desvantagem deste cabo é que não é "fast-charging", o que demora um pouco mais no carregamento dos mesmos.

    Sep 12,2018

  • Imraan
    Good Quality
    I was surprised when I removed this cable from its packaging. It feels good to the touch and it boasts quality. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a multi device compatible charging cable.

    Jan 01,2019

  • Shopper
    Perfect universal solution. Good quality and Works without any problems. Delivery was OK.
    Perfect universal solution. Good quality and Works without any problems. Delivery was OK.
    Perfect universal solution. Good quality and Works without any problems. Delivery was OK.

    Aug 17,2018

    Cable usb 3 en 1
    Câble de très bonne qualité . Bon design. Fonctionne parfaitement pour le quick charge (testé en USB C) et le transfert de data. Câble souple. Connecteurs de très bonne qualité. Excellent produit, Bon rapport qualité prix.

    May 24,2018

  • Light Up!
    My All in One
    I call this my all in One! Means I just carry one charger and one cable. Not sure though if all can work together at the same time. But I like it even if I have to charge my devices one at a time.
    I'll definitely recommend it.
    Chose red rather than black or white because it stands out!

    Jan 14,2019

  • Mike S
    Good but could be better....
    Its all 3 of the latest charging ends,like type c , micro USB and iphone 8 pin . It also has a strong cable.

    The problem is it stopped working after the first bend on the micro USB

    Sep 19,2018

  • Jurco1
    multifunctional cable
    The gocomma One to Three Cable multifunction data is very useful when I want to connect or charge any type of cell phone.
    Good build quality
    Red color looks good
    Charges well
    Has 3 ports for different types of phones.

    Jul 21,2018