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    I needed a basic tool kit to replace a tire and I like this one just fine, The only thing I'd change is to include some sort of clip or strap or something so the tire levers and extra allen wrench don't get separated

    May 08,2015

  • Justin H.
    only needed part of it but just figured I'd buy the whole thing and if I need other parts of it for other areas of the bike I'd have it already so I have yet to fully utilize this piece of equipment but so far so good

    Jun 06,2015

  • Esther D. Leggett
    Unfortunately the larger wrench is made out of cheap sheet steel, I couldn't get my seat bolts tight with it as it was deforming when used

    Nov 30,2015

  • Kathy Wu
    Great except it's a little annoying how it becomes too loose after a while and you have to tighten it with the extra tool they give you

    Mar 14,2017

  • Mic
    This is such an effective and amazing tool to use, I also like how you can adjust how tight or lose you want the tools to move around

    Oct 29,2014

  • joyce jj
    the outer shell is made from plastic which bends when you put too much pressure on the tools, great product

    Jan 23,2017

  • Paul P.
    waited forever to buy a complete tool kit - why did i wait so long, so i could find this perfect tool kit

    May 04,2015

  • speckled pig
    Fast shipping !! I bought this for my brother in-law so I have no idea if it's good quality or not yet

    Nov 22,2014

  • Jess B.
    I use this tool from time to time to tighten bolts and perform general maintenance on my bike

    Mar 23,2016

  • Huamei Chen
    I am going to keep it since it fits the other bikes, Overall its a good product

    Aug 01,2018