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  • Sergey
    Martrea Acute Angel
    Дошло за 33 дня через СДЭК. Купил за 180$. Комп прикольный, шустрый, полностью соответствует описанию по комплектации, не перегревается, т.к. есть вентилятор и при самой жаре держит 63-65 градусов при высокой нагрузке (вентилятор включается при 60 градусах, шелестит не громко, сколько прослужит конечно вопрос, на входе вент.отверстия закрыты нера-фильтром). В моем экземпляре был косяк - производитель забыл зашить OEM-ключ активации винды, за что гербест вернул 30$. У других покупателей вроде проблем не было с этим. Также отсутствует батарейка часов, поэтому при выключении питания часы не идут, при загрузке винды и наличии инета время восстанавливается. Еще в биосе нет пункта включения компа после пропадания и появления питания, вроде у меня включается сам при выставленной функции WakeOnLAN - этот пункт есть в биосе, комп подключен кабелем к роутеру. Есть WiFi 2/5 ГГц и блютуз - все работает исправно. В общем и целом к покупке рекомендую.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Leonard.vigu
    happy with the unit
    I bought this mini PC for my daughter for her studies. It's really small and doesn't take up much space on her desk. Triangular design looks cool. She likes it.Setting up and configuring is simple. It connects to the Internet via WIFI and is incredibly fast. A cheap PC, perfect for school work. She can take it to her friends' homes for team projects, connect to the TV, watch movies and play video games. she is happy with the unit.

    Feb 11,2019

  • Danles.lerson
    meets all my needs.
    I need a portable computer to work. It doesn't need to be super fast, as long as I can do basic web browsing and document editing, and it shouldn't be too big in size or weight because my desktop has taken up enough space. It looks good, mini and lightwieght. With 64GB ROM EMMC and 960GB of extended memory, there is a lot of space to store files and data.This is one that fully meets all my needs.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Kevin.56-eergi
    Excellent buying
    I'm a mini geek and I've used several different computers in the past few years. In less than 10 minutes, it was installed and satisfied with the performance. I'm watching video streaming and surfing the Internet on this computer, and I think it's the best value for money at the moment.I also recommended this model to my friends!

    Jan 25,2019

  • Lmmy.wer-t
    great product!
    It has good performance and is easy to set up. The picture and sound quality is better than I expected. Suitable for basic data processing, small size, convenient to carry, greatly reducing the occupation of the computer table. All in all, it's a great product.

    Feb 14,2019

  • Pele Mantuer
    Amazing PC
    I bought this computer to connect it to my personal computer and use it to browse 4K content on website, and I'm not disappointed. It's perfect for watching video and browsing the big screen every day.

    Feb 14,2019

  • Christian
    super produit très esthétique et parfaitement fonctionnel. le packaging est très bien. dommage qu'il soit livré avec un chargeur chinois mais un adaptateur secteur était fourni avec. je recommanderai sûrement un autre plus tard. rapport qualité-prix imbattable.

    Jul 20,2019

  • hey-fauser
    well worth the money.
    I like this mini PC because of the rich interface :HDMI + RJ45 + USB3.0 + 3.5mm audio interface and other mainstream digital device interface. Overall, it's absolutely worth it.

    Feb 11,2019

  • JB,goolci02
    Cool mini computer.
    Beautiful mini PC that I will install on the back of my TV, hidden cable used as media server. Boot up relatively quickly and pre-install Windows 10. Cool mini computer.

    Feb 26,2019

  • Alexander Bitter
    works good
    This is a great mini PC that I use as a media server and media manager. Most of the time the noise is not big, fast boot, everything works normally.

    Jan 18,2019