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  • Justin Novak
    The lights are very bright and the copper wire allowed me to shape the lights exactly where I wanted and they stayed,while the color of the lights is warmer than the standard led christmas twinkle lights,the actual color is noticeably cooler than normal incandescent bulbs,the color is cooler than shown in the product photograph,this set doesn't seem to be dimmable,i would consider the slightly more expensive set that claims it is dimmable,i am pleased with the durability and looks of the light set

    Sep 21,2018

  • Investigation man
    Really good and bright lights,it is amazing that all those lights roll up into such a small,the extension cord and plug attached to the light is black and stands out so I will probably spray paint it to blend with my walls,the lights are so bright and I can have it on during the day so I have a shining heart in my dining room without having to worry so much about energy usage with all the led lights

    Nov 22,2018

  • Brenda R
    This set of led string lights are marvelous,please do not let the cost fool you into thinking these are less than more expensive lights,due to the lights being such a small size,once we purchased the first set,i can't say enough about these lights,it truly makes something rather ordinary into something spectacular,(updated review :) this product worked perfectly only twice

    Dec 07,2018

  • K Reichert
    Have been working great for months,super cheap and easy to install ...,placed them on fence posts around the backyard and now we can see the whole thing at night,i have this in a low sun area and each night it's fully charged and ready to go,it gives a pretty soft glow due to the design too,light is decorative and functional,lights put off just enough light

    Dec 02,2018

  • Walter Winkler
    I use this on my patio and it gives a very nice ambient light,we first tried a commercial light bulb string,it was way too bright (even with a dimmer) and also looked very bulky,this led string is hardly visible (the copper wire I mean),when it is turned on in the dark it makes these nice warm fairy lights,just perfect for our porch

    Aug 11,2018

  • murrell frazier
    These little lights are amazing,love the copper wire look as it reflects light too and it really will brighten up a dark corner,we leave them plugged in all the time and they never get hot or put out too much light,this string is really long,covered a lot of area and the lights are very very small so they produce

    Nov 27,2018

  • Gabe W.
    I plugged the light string into a lamp timer and placed the house high on a bookshelf overlooking my kitchen,now every evening the little house lights up for several hours controlled by the timer,fortunately the light string retains the previous setting

    Sep 20,2018

  • Joanne S
    They still work great after six months,very cool design with leds that are embedded inline with what looks like bare copper wire (the wire is actually not bare - it's coated),the light is much yellower (warmer) than other led light strands i've bought

    Oct 14,2018

  • MrsPittman
    This bulb is beautiful and - as mentioned in the description - doesn't give much light,i bought it because I thought the bare bulb would be attractive and sexy to look at,i personally find the light too white,other colors might be perfect

    Dec 13,2018

  • ClarkDGigHbr
    I really like theses little lights,yes the bulbs are small,i wanted something small to hang in my daughters tiny dorm room,i think it's pretty cool that you can have them as a solid light or make them blink by pushing the button twice

    Oct 26,2018