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  • Ex3m0
    Cheap and quality - economiche e di qualità
    Estiticamente molto bello e la superficie ruvida è piacevole al tatto.
    La faccia verde in realta è azzurra, si confonde abbastanza con il blu, ed essendo più traparente degli altri colori cambia molto a seconda degli altri colori adiacenti.
    La superficie ruvida lo rende molto scivoloso, difficile da usare con una sola mano.
    Gli spiogoli e gli angoli sono unpo' affilati e danno fastidio dopo un lungo utilizzo.
    Ottimo il meccanismo interno, scorre bene e non sono riuscito a smontatlo senza togliere una delle viti di regolazione.
    Arriva senza lubrificazione ma non è necessaria.
    L'ho comprato solo per la mia collezione ma per il prezzo pagato (1,8€ in offerta al 50%) è un ottimo prodotto.
    Ecstatically beautiful and the rough surface is pleasant to the touch.
    The green face is actually light blue, it is confused enough with blue, and being more transparent than the green color changes a lot depending on the other adjacent colors.
    The rough surface makes it very slippery, difficult to use with one hand.
    The edges and corners are a bit sharp and annoy after long use.
    The internal mechanism is excellent, it runs well and I was not able to disassembly without removing one of the adjustment screws.
    It comes without lubrication but is not necessary.
    I bought it only for my collection but for the price paid (€ 1.8 on offer at 50%) it is a great product.

    May 22,2019

  • ayqooi
    Very Good
    exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected exactly as expected

    Feb 02,2019

  • joao vitor
    good, but not that good
    The mechanism is good, but I'm not liking the color that much. I'm have some issues, the color isn't that vibrant and a thing that you can't see in the photo that the cube is totally matte.

    Mar 23,2019

    joao :

    We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your order.

    Kindly review our warranty policy here: https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html

    Please kindly contact our support center regarding your item issue, we will provide the solutions for you soon after getting the message from you.

    Thank you for your support!

    Best regards,


    May 29,2019

  • Shivenis
    Awesome look and nice performance
    what you would expect from a Qiyi warrior but with a new look, in my opinion it looks more frosty than jelly in real life, looks awesome anyway. Great performance for the price, would recommend it.

    Oct 11,2018

  • vivy
    another magic cube
    I can not buy ENOUGH magic cubes... I love them and the quality of this item is perfect. I recommend the seller

    Aug 14,2019

  • Chase fields
    I like the cube but i did not receive it and it said its delivered

    Nov 08,2018

  • Juan Daniel Meriño
    Quiyi cubo traslúcido colores
    Material muy bueno, super precio, y va genial, gira mi bien y tiene buen corte de ezquina, recomendado

    Jul 11,2019

  • Juan Daniel Meriño
    Cubo rubik 3x3 sin etiquetas
    Un diseños bastante genial y de buena calidad, esta sube, viene bien lubricado esta perfecto

    Apr 04,2019

  • Parriita
    Muy bonito
    además de lo bonito que es, gira súper bien sobretodo si quieres ser speedcube

    Dec 27,2018

  • tytyfon
    cube toy
    Very Nice toujo. I LOVE it

    Jun 17,2019