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  • Miranda
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    I used these bags and tips to ice cupcakes for my kids birthday and they worked great.
    I used these bags and tips to ice cupcakes for my kids birthday and they worked great. I have had problems with throw-away decorating bags bursting on me and boy, what a giant mess that was... so I was nervous, but these held up and the large and the medium together were enough for all 48 of the cupcakes I made. I wish the tips came with some kind of chart so I knew what they would look like when you pipe the icing through. I ended up just using the regular circle and the zigzag circle and they looked fine. I definitely need more practice to make them look amazing, but my kid is 1, so ... they tasted great and it was probably a lot easier than trying to use a knife to put icing on nearly 50 cupcakes.

    Jul 10,2018

  • Sophia
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    They work perfect.
    I bought these tips/bags to decorate cupcakes for my son's first birthday. They were very easy to use and there was a huge variety of tips. My husband and I had a blast making "monster" cupcakes. These were also really easy to wash out, I hand washed the bags and threw the tips in the dishwasher in the enclosed silverware container and they came out perfect. I like that it's all contained within a little storage container so you don't have a mess everywhere. I actually left out the middle row of plastic dividers so that I could put the bags in the container and I put 2-3 tips in each section and it all fit perfectly.

    Jul 20,2018

  • Mary
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    Great quality
    The quality of this set is great. There is only one downside: I would have liked to see more larger tips. There are no tips you can use for large piping such as cupcakes. You can use these to pipe cupcakes, but it will be on the small side so you have to go around and around..

    Jul 18,2018

  • Cora
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    various of choice of tops
    Love to use this set to decorate my cakes, pies and even tiramisu! It has a lot of choices (24 little tops). I am not sure I need all of them, but it nice to have them and always try a different one.

    Jul 17,2018

  • Cake baking stuff for my sister :)
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    Good quality stuff
    I choosed this item for my sister who loves to cook.
    Seems to be a good quality kitchen stuff. It arrives in a useful plastic box.
    The delivery was 44 days long.

    Sep 27,2018

  • Jayson
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    Cool and useful.
    I used them today and I was really pleased. The bags are easy to use and clean. There are lot of cool tips and the storage box is great.

    Jul 12,2018

  • Attie
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    Icing made easy
    easy to use and clean. All in one holder for storage and keeping things neat

    Jun 29,2018

  • Sérgio T
    Да (0) Цвет: Stainless Steel
    Bom produto
    Chegou dentro do prazo
    Cumpre o anunciado,embora não explique o funcionamento
    Bem embalado
    Voltava a comprar e recomendar
    Não traz manual de intruções

    Jul 28,2018