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  • John R
    I had bought this a year ago and it has yet to let me down also i am constantly getting comments on it ... every where i go it gets noticed and im being told how much they like it ... this watch is very reliable ... the only fault i have is the fact that it wont self wind no matter how much i move it around but that is ok i wind it myself the leather strap is of very good quality and has yet to break or show signs of wear ... in the past i have always had the problem of watches turning green no matter what the brand they would always turn green and turning my skin green and the metal would blister and peel ... but NOT this watch after having it for a whole year it has never turned nor left green on my skin it has retained its beauty and shine ... very good quality watch and will make a great gift for anyone or yourself no doubt the best investment i have ever made in a watch

    Nov 23,2018

  • Chat
    The bezel was very difficult to turn on the first watch I received, The replacement watch is perfect, A good affordable and purely mechanical watch that would wind itself as I wear it every day, A word of advice : If you are looking for a highly accurate watch, you should get a quartz watch or a digital watch because this watch mighe not the watch you are looking for, Mechanical watches have the tendency to run faster or even slower, a professional watchmaker in a jewelry store can `` regulate'' with fine adjustments so it would run with high accuracy, Self winding mechanical watches are fine mechanical machine that run owns energy stored in the spring as your arm moves, I am very happy with the watch

    Nov 28,2018

    I grew up with mechanical watches, so I was curious about this one -- especially for the price, and the fact that a watch a few seconds over the course of days ; but I realize that many people grew up in the quartz and battery era and have seen a mechanical or even self-winding watch, Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring that through a system of gears transfers energy to a balance wheel, by rotating the crown clockwise until it resists winding, Nearly all mechanical watches, will lose a few seconds over the course of days or weeks

    Nov 26,2018

  • CatMM
    the understated beautiful green dial, the smooth second hand automatic movement, transparent back showing beautiful automatic movement, knowing no batteries required - this is a great watch, An automatic at a price that beats inexpensive quartz movement watches, I have not had this watch long enough to see any fraying, etc. in the original strap - so far it goes great with the watch, Please note that it is Malaysian Seiko movement, It comes in a nice box especially considering the inexpensive price, Overall a great watch

    Nov 26,2018

  • Glenn Lemke
    The first watch I received was defective, I would try winding the automatic mechanism for minutes on end just for it to stop about an hour later, This was the first automatic watch I had bought so I wasn't sure whether the problem wan on my end or if the watch was defective, After I received a replacement I could immediately tell that the first watch I received was defective because the replacement made an ever so slight tick when I would wind it, Glad this second watch works because I liked the cost and design

    Dec 11,2018

  • Crazy Dave
    A five-star product all around, Handsome classic design, The clean graphics of the dial makes it easy to read the time ; the gray-green background of the dial and the matte finish of the stainless steel case give the watch a sporty look with a military motif, The green canvas watch band matches the watch well and is sturdy and well-made ; replacing it with a leather band will make the watch look more elegant, the time check against a digital atomic watch is within a second or two

    Dec 08,2018

  • Holograman
    Having previously worn many automatic watches I was looking for a simple and classic watch with a white face, After researching the movement and quality of materials I quickly ordered this watch and could not be happier, It's simple yet elegant design lends well to it's style and versatility, It has a nice weight to it, After wearing the watch for a few days and receiving multiple complements this watch is a new favorite of mine for both the work week and weekends as well

    Nov 28,2018

  • Favour Macjones
    This watch is a brown leather strap modern looking watch with a mechanical watchface and clear glass window, The rim of the watch face is a gold stainless steel like material that definitely complements the mechanical inside, It is comfortable and I already have recieved compliments on the look, Definitely worth a buy if your looking for budget watches to add to a collection and need to pair with earthy colors or gold accessories

    Nov 26,2018

  • TaniaH
    it took me days to find the right watch but i finally did with this seiko military style watch, it is a very simple watch yet still has a fancy look to it, Over all i am very satisfied with the watch good size weight and color, the strap could have been a little wider but in the end it's something you can overlook I would recomend this watch if you want a military look yet fancy and classy to say the least

    Nov 26,2018

  • Mary Lou Corp
    I had a Seiko hand-wound mechanical years ago, but had opted to go with quartz watches as I got a little tired of winding it, The watch felt very comfortable on the wrist, I did remove two links out of the bracelet - quite painless with the right tools, The bracelet was nice and a had quality heftiness to it, I am not sure where all the complaint about the bracelet being `` cheap'' or `` thin'' was coming from

    Dec 12,2018