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  • Alan
    MicroSD low cost
    Ottima MicroSD! Acquistata per 3,44 euro tramite coupon sconto non eccelle per le prestazioni ma sicuramente per il prezzo!
    La confezione è del tutto identica alle micro SD mixza che avevo acquistato in precedenza ed effettivamente anche le prestazioni sono identiche. Dipende molto dal tipo di filmato che decidete di riprendono ma in linea di massima non le utilizzerei per me riprese con GoPro o action camera o comunque a 1080p. Personalmente le utilizzo per le videocamere di sorveglianza che hanno un framerate di 15 FPS a 1080p per cui per perfette anche a questa velocità di scrittura.

    Jul 19,2019

  • Carte micro SD alfawise
    Carte micro SD alfawise 64GB
    Produit acheté le 26 Aout, reçu le 06 Septembre, soit 2 semaines de livraison. Très correct. Que dire appart que c'est une carte micro SD 64 GB, Apparemment elle serait waterproff, mais je ne vais pas essayer. Sinon elle fonctionne parfaitement. Elle me sert dans ma caméra xiaomi pour enregistrer les mouvements. Très bon rapport qualité prix car acheté 8€14. Alfawise est la marque de gearbest, c'estle premier produit que j'achète de la marque et je pense du coup a en acheté d'autres.

    Sep 06,2019

  • Mcuatro
    Buena micro SD
    Alfawise Cartoon Face High Speed 32GB Memory Micro SD TF Card - Multi 32G
    ● con autenticación CE y admite grabación de video HD.
    ● Velocidades de lectura de hasta 80 MB / s, puede editar, almacenar y compartir fotos más rápido que nunca.
    ● Capacidad de hasta 32 GB, puede almacenar una gran cantidad de fotos, MP3 u otros datos.
    ● Protección fuerte: impermeable, resistente al calor, resistente al frío, puede proteger eficazmente sus datos.
    ● Compacto y compacto, el puerto es más portátil, tarjeta de memoria de 32 GB para satisfacer nuestras necesidades diarias.
    Me llegó bastante rápido y funciona bien

    Oct 02,2019

  • hokku
    ighly recommend this memory card!
    This memory card holds a ton of pictures - that can be taken in super high quality, plus holds a lot of highly quality videos as well. Great speeds, excellent write-ability. When I want to take the pictures/videos off of the memory card, I just plug it into the computer/laptop and I am able to remove the files super easily. Highly recommend this memory card!

    May 31,2019

  • Patrik K.
    Small Beauty
    This Alfawise Micro SD card is soo cool. For this price this is the best pick. Fast data change, nice outlook, waterproof build. This is a 128GB version, but in real life it is 120GB. 8GB waste, I think this is not too much. I recommended, for action cameras, tablets or Ultrabooks. The shipment was alright.

    Aug 26,2019

  • Валерий
    Alfawise micro SD card 128Gb
    Картой удовлетворен
    После полученная установил сразу в телефон. Спец программами не проверял.
    Показания емкости карты программными средствами телефона и Тотал комманера разнятся. Больше доверия тоталу.

    Nov 14,2019

  • Billy
    excellent value
    This microSD card is a terrific value. it reads/writes fast. Perhaps the best feature is that it is easy to distinguish this card from the other microSD cards that I use. It is great to have color and design distinguished memory cards. I play to buy other Alfawise cards in halloween, winter holidays, and other designs.

    Oct 26,2019

  • Breno
    Good Micro SD option
    For its price and for its value it's a pretty good purchase. Now I regret not spending a little bit more for a version with more gb like the 64 one. But in any way this means this SD card is not worthy buying. Keeps what is promised, and the transfer speed is good!

    Aug 19,2019

  • Chris
    Very good micro-sd
    it's a quality card, recognized instantly .
    for the price I paid I have never got an reliable SD like the AlphaWise3

    they also have a unique colorful print depending on the size you pick.

    last but not least : they really made a cool package in a sturdy triangle form!!
    ..mine arrived iaauur tide.

    Oct 12,2019

  • Darko Loncarevic
    Alfawise Cartoon Face High Speed 32GB Memory Micro SD TF Card
    Great look! Original and interesting packed and I hope so that is a great gift for my younger brother.
    Sorry but I can't open the box and write something more about the Micro SD TF Card. Must buy one or two for me then I can write real review. Thanks to Alfawise Store!

    Jan 15,2020