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  • bogdan
    //review for an item not received, older version
    a simple type-c to jack adapter, works flawlessly for smartphone with an analog audio connection. has an extra type-c for charging your device.

    Nov 21,2019

  • bogdan
    type-c dongle
    A very useful dongle, used for charging and audio output at the same time. The item works like a charm and without issues, its braided and will hold itself nicely.

    Oct 13,2019

  • bogdan
    A nice double adapter. Works with almost all Type-c smartphones without jack( the ones that dont need an active DAC), but the charging is slow.

    Oct 29,2019

  • bogdan
    type-c to jack+ type-c adapters
    A very simple double adapters for your type-c smartphone. it can charge your phone while youa re listening to music on it. Works flawlessly.

    Oct 29,2019

  • bogdan
    A 2 prong adapter for use to connect headphones and power at the same time. No hassle and very useful.

    Nov 21,2019

  • Ceri
    Did what it says on the tin
    Works well particularly in my car where I can keep the phone charged and listen to digital radio

    Apr 25,2019

  • Samuel
    Nada a apontar
    Entrega no tempo que era o esperado.
    Cumpre o propósito para que o comprei;
    Sem perca de qualidade.

    Nov 13,2019

  • Filipe
    does what it should do....

    works fine for now....,.................

    Oct 24,2019

  • Tiago S.
    So so...
    This is a common product, becouse it is very slow to full de batery withoit listen music...

    Oct 22,2019

  • Luís Filipe
    Bem bom
    Muito útil para quem utiliza frequentemente as duas opções ao mesmo tempo.

    Jan 24,2020