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  • Paul
    This is a really neat bit of kit which allows you to quickly take a single channel ECG using either the included 3 lead ECG cable, Your hands only or your hands and torso. (see the 3 picture showing ECG's derived using each method) Each method can produce a very readable rhythm, the latter two taking slightly more practice and care. You need the leads to record longer than a few seconds. The setup and use is very intuitive and quick to do. The device gives some feedback on the quality of the recording and your ECG rhythm but its analysis is limited to saying if its regular or not and fast, normal or slow. It will not tell you the actual rhythm you are in. You can both replay the ECG you have stored on the device and or print it out using the computer software to show it to someone who can tell you the ECG rhythm. The software is very good. It allows you to store the ECG's off the device and clear space, add patient/user data ie. name, age, gender, weight, height, Blood group. Highlight the PQRST complex for closer scrutiny and print out the ECG. You can have multiple user records. The software is included on a mini CD but as my laptop doesn't have a cd player, I downloaded the latest software using the address in the instructions and installed it after having to also install a Zip file unzipper. The use of the software is not very intuitive but it does work and is very comprehensive and I was able to work it out after clicking of everything for a while till it did what I wanted. After playing with the device for about 3 hours the battery level had dropped by about a third so the two AAA batteries (not included) will at probably give you the 10 hours of continuous monitoring which is the maximum recording space of the device. All things considered, this is probably the most versatile, cheapest and easiest way of obtaining an ECG.
    No useful ECG analysis. Only comes with 3 ECG electrodes (so buy more at the same time). PC Software works well but could be just a bit easier to use. Android software would be even better.

    Feb 13,2018

  • Nokki
    Very usefull gadget
    It is very simple to use. Simply hold it in your hands and wait until it does its job.
    After a little less than a minute you will get a recording of your ecg (second derivation).
    It is a simple and effective way of having a basic look at the heart rhythm.
    I‘m a anaesthetist nurse and paramedic. Used it on my mother while having a tachycardia on atrial fibrillation.
    The diagnostic given at the end of the recording should be ignored.
    For future versions it would be great having another derivation as well so you can see the anterior as well as posterior ecg.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Géza Nyaka
    Bicsérd Kossuth ut.34
    Egy két használat után jonak tünik, a mobil telefon megjelenités hiányzik

    Aug 12,2019

  • Elmar Flamme
    HomeCare Utility
    Just for not critical HomeCare Support. Good Quality. Usable Softwares.

    Jan 18,2019