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  • konstantin
    Mijia Temperature
    отличные часы от Xiaomi,устанавливаете приложение ми хом,в прложении локация китай ,привязываете устройство через блютуз .в приложении устанавливаете англ.яз(тогда работает корректно)(на смартфоне в настройках где дата и время,свой регион) через блютуз устанавливается время как на телефоне.бал за18 евро,на али 14-15,часы супер,рекомендую!Excellent hours from Xiaomi, install the application Mi, in the application location is China, bind the device via bluetooth. In the application, install the English (then it works correctly) (on the smartphone in the settings where the date and time, your region) through the bluetooth, the time is set as phone. Bal for 18 euro, for ali 14-15, super watch, I recommend!

    May 14,2019

  • FoggyMan
    Best Mijia product so far
    I can thoroughly recommend this smart device for anyone looking for a way to measure their home environment accurately at a low cost. The value for money is really great and the smart clock would be a great addition for any tech enthusiast looking to expand their smart home capabilities. Best Mijia product so farPros:- Elegant design for any room- Accurate sensors- Great visibility during the day- Easy pairing with appCons:- No back-light for night (but the app displays live info too)- No date displayed on screen

    Aug 01,2019

  • xslip
    They do not understand dayilight time shift. So if you're planning to use it almost normally you can just with to the closest one without time shift: for example I changed zone (on the phone) from Latvia (GMT +2 + 1hr shift to GMT +3 Moscow) time is the same.I suppose that this should be fixed in next release of MiHome but..cannot reassure anyone that it will be done. For me it is ok.

    May 07,2019

  • antonio reina jiménez
    no lo puedo poner en hora
    No se recomienda para España.Aunque pude sincronizarlo con la aplicación de Xiaomi Mijia al pasar de país de España a China desafortunadamente no se puede poner en la hora española muestra una hora menos.lo intentando cambiando de nuevo de país tampoco he podido.... y con Taiwán que es la que más lo detecta y da menos fallos ni lo detecta. compra NO recomendada al menos para españa

    May 06,2019

  • Mihai
    Very good product, nice display
    The product quality is very high, I really like the E-Ink display which is readable from any angle and poor light conditions. It also features bluetooth and can be viewed on smartphone through Mi Home. Unfortunately, it's not yet supported in Home Assistant

    Sep 14,2019

  • Artem
    Mijia Temperature Humidity Monitoring Electronic Watch
    Украина. Днепр. Упаковка примята, товар целый. Качество хорошее. Всё работает. Заказывал 15.04.2019. Получил на отделении Укр почты 14.05.2019.

    May 16,2019

  • Yurii
    Xiaomi Mija Temperature Humidity Monitoring Electronic Watch
    pro: Nice materials. Very good screen.con: Only China as a country will allow to find and connect this watch in Mi Home application (in is only one way to change time!). Unfriendly and non informative humidity icon.

    Jul 23,2019

  • Raphaël Silva
    Impossível de ajustar a hora para Portugal. Tem de se instalar a APP e mesmo assim não permite mexer no aparelho a não ser que se mude a localização. Pormenor que , para mim, faz diferença. De resto é bonito e sóbrio e indica a temperatura e a humidade de forma exacta.

    May 15,2019

    Raphaël :

    Thank you for your recent order.

    Please feel free to contact us if there is any problem through our Support Center within 24 hours.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html

    Best regards,


  • Justinas B.
    Good quality!
    Really clear screen - E-ink - visible from different angles much better than regular LCD.

    Jun 28,2019

  • Piotr
    So far so good
    No complains, e-ink hits the spot. I hope it does not need calibration and temperature shown is adequate

    Aug 07,2019