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  • Jack
    Instant External Drive
    If you have a 2.5" drive sitting around, don't let it gather dust! Grab one of these little jewels and you have an instant backup drive. This one slides apart with thumb pressure, the drive is angled in and fits perfectly, and closing it provides a seal sufficient to keep it from falling open even packed in a bag. Cable included. Plugs in and the driver loads and you're good to go. I used mine most recently to recover a neighbor's precious files from a failing drive and transfer them to his new machine.
    This one isn't fancy, no on-off switch, just a cable and an activity light. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Highly recommended.

    Apr 02,2018

  • Simple
    Rubber texture, texture.
    Very good design. Once you put it on it, slide the lid off well and don't feel it's going to fall. If you have a thinner 7mm SSD, a small sponge is attached to take up space. I have a 9.5 mm 2.5 inch mechanical notebook driver, so I don't need a sponge, and I believe 9.5 mm is the thickest 2.5 inch driver. If you have an older 12mm or 12.5mm or a more thick drive, you will not be able to adapt to it. I like the rubber texture outside. It grabs the table and doesn't slide. It doesn't come with any other accessories that can be included in a drive sleeve or a portable box, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

    Feb 25,2018

  • Dreamer
    Complete package. Super simple design, excellent performance, and great value
    Good performance. This shell with SSD and USB 3 ports will greatly increase the load time over one hard disk drive. As an example, I use this collocation SK helix 250 GB solid state hard disk. I plug in my Xbox 1 because I've been loading some games for some time. In my example, my load time from 2 minutes 30 seconds of the internal hard disk to 40 seconds of the external SSD outer shell. This is a great progress! The performance of the improvement is obviously due to SSD, but the key is that the shell is not limited to performance. You want the full advantage of USB 3. I strongly recommend this.

    Apr 02,2018

  • A person
    Great value and only engineering
    One of my old laptop computers died, so I wanted to take out my hard disk as an external use. This is a real free tool that only takes a minute to slide on a new hard drive, and then slide the lid back. It has a smooth matte effect, so not to be too slippery on the table. I haven't really measured these speeds compared to my special external devices, but I feel very reliable. USB can be removed to get a more compact storage space, but I want to have some type of baggie or some way to carry it together. It's not going to be a star, because it's a great value for the price.

    Mar 07,2018

  • Bernard
    Buon rapporto qualità/prezzo
    Avevo un vecchio ma elegante box USB 2.0 in metallo che ho sostituito con questo USB 3.1 compatibile. Certo la plastica a toccarla non fa una buona impressione ma devo dire che é molto resistente e non si graffia facilmente. Funziona molto bene, ho collegato un vecchio HDD da 250GB e un nuovo SSD da 500, sempre tutto ok. Forse con pochi dollari in più e qualche rifinitura estetica avrebbe meritato 5 stelle in pieno, ne metto 4 ma dovrei dire 4 e mezzo che non si può. Comunque mi sento di consigliarlo, se non cercate un oggetto particolarmente elegante ma ne volete uno funzionale al un buon prezzo ecco qua! ordinatelo pure.

    Oct 19,2018

  • Bard
    It's really what I want.
    Buy this as an old Macbook Pro with a case that has been replaced once the hard disk refuses to install the chassis. I'm not sure whether the drive is really bad or is it a secondary problem. Anyway, we're changing the laptop, so why don't I try this? Pop up the hard disk, insert the machine, connect to another laptop, and close all the content without a problem. It's easy to do, and it's very expensive to save the drive's content.

    Apr 12,2018

  • just you
    Very beautiful SSD shell!
    After reading some comments, I was a little worried that my Samsung 850 Pro SSD might not be suitable for this chassis. This is an unnecessary worry. I insert SSD, connect it with my USB 3 cable to my laptop, and be identified immediately by the Windows 10. I don't have a problem with the lid. It works well. Even if there is no filling, SSD will not move in the chassis. I strongly recommend this kind of equipment, especially the price.

    Mar 13,2018

  • Carr
    Easy to use, excellent performance!
    On the old version of Samsung EVO 840 SSD, it is used with the external hard disk on my MacBook Air. The performance is very good. Installing the drive is very simple. It works very well when the tools are less. It's hard to write a detailed long review of an external drive box, but I haven't met my problems. It's exactly what it's supposed to do, and the price is very reasonable. When I need another, I'll buy the same again!

    Apr 10,2018

  • BellsBell
    Быстрая доставка в Мск, Работает нормально. Скорость можно посмотреть на фото ниже: есть обычный HDD, есть SSD. Как говорится, разницу увидит слепой (нет).

    В сравнении с старыми коробками такого типа (у меня NoName) работает быстрее. Но вот USB 3.0 у меня так и не завелась. Впрочем, снаружи выглядит вполне себе. При такой цене да скинуть 30% пойнтами норм.

    Dec 12,2018

  • Thintime
    Very convenient small tools, if you need to convert a laptop hard disk or SSD to a portable external hard disk. I bought two hard drives to convert an old laptop to an external drive, and another to get a gift from a friend from a SSD. Both of them can work well. If I find that I have any additional built-in hard drives or SSD drives, I will definitely consider buying additional devices in the future.

    Mar 23,2018