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  • Texas Mom of 3
    excellent quality, just make sure you use the cleaning kit that comes in the package to clean your cell phone screen real good and make sure there is not a single dust particle left on screen before you install the screens, because i'm sure you all know these screens can only be installed flawlessly on first attempt

    Aug 20,2018

  • HuyHuynh
    The tempered glass screen protector is very easy to apply it comes with the alignment case which is a great help when applying the screen protector, perfect size with my new phone case, it's made of good quality material, The screen protector is thin so it's still touch sensitive, Great product

    Oct 10,2018

  • Estanislao deSouza
    clear screen protector as advertised and is very easy to apply without bubbles, I have full touch screen functionality without compromise, this protector could be quite a bit bigger, even with the curved screen, therefore providing more protection for your phone

    Aug 10,2018

  • granni_sue
    very small bubbles near the bottom that I couldn't get out, They are not a distraction but I'll probably be using the second screen protector that comes with this packet to see if it comes out better

    Aug 18,2018

  • Eduardo RR
    It fits perfect with the alignment tool, they're were some bubbles but you can work them out and around the edge they were vusable but you can work them all out and it looks really good

    Aug 24,2018

  • Tom Lee
    The main complaint that I read about when looking at products like these is that phones are now made with a tiny bit of a curve and the temped glass has no curve, Great product

    Oct 11,2018

  • Xueyu Q.
    I was skeptical buying the product because there were a lot of mixed reviews, the screen protector is sturdy and has avoided my screen from breaking

    Aug 11,2018

  • Sandy Adkins
    I've had these screen protectors less than a week, Great price, and very smooth to the touch -LRB- noticeably smoother than the Zagg on my old phone -RRB-

    Oct 19,2018

  • A Ron Reading
    lint cloth that help make the fit be as snug as possible, I recommend checking it twice when ordering to ensure you have the right size - phones vary

    Oct 17,2018

  • Samantha Velasco
    Clear plastic was a little more difficult to apply then a glass protector but once applied has a great look and the perfect coverage

    Jul 12,2018