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  • Elephant
    Cute, portable family fun
    So compact I worried that the elephant would fall over on its own but as shown in the video, the balance is sufficiently stable to 'play' but still have a challenge. Good quality finish. Bright colours. I'd definitely make another purchase.

    Dec 15,2018

  • amanda esmeralda
    I always loved K'nex as a kid and am glad that I get to introduce it to them much younger than I was, the pieces are big and easy for them to put together and there are more than enough pieces for them to get creative with, it just makes me more excited to buy them a regular set when they get older

    Oct 07,2016

  • Bene
    I think I may need to get at least one more set, but she still enjoys popping random pieces together and I'm sure she'll get better at it

    Jan 21,2017

  • Thomas Zhang
    This is the least expensive way to get a collection of kid knex, that's probably my children's favorite pieces to play with

    Jul 16,2017

  • Robert Aitken
    My kids LOVE these and i'm comfortable letting the bigger kids use around the baby because the magnets are enclosed

    Dec 20,2017

  • gabazero
    Bought second set to have different pieces can with a few but still not quite what we needed, great toy thought

    Sep 18,2017

  • Davi
    nice toy
    the toy is a good way to distract your kids. the wood material is colorful painted. my daughter love it.

    Mar 29,2019

  • DJ AL K
    What a pleasant educational toy gift for my little ones, overall satisfied with purchase

    Jul 04,2017

  • swaff
    I can't wait to give them to them and see how much fun they have with them

    Oct 01,2016

  • likalarry
    Very cute set, several children have played with it

    Dec 28,2016