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  • Jan H.
    Great base and top coat,this was my first time doing an at home gel manicure and they worked perfectly,the size is a little smaller than most nail polishes,but i've had the same polish for years and never run out so I think it's probably the perfect size

    Oct 04,2018

  • Jontell Parham
    The base is strange,that I get sick of the color and remove before they're ever chipped,make sure you wipe off tacky layer,i have thin long nails and its been two weeks and no breaks or chips and it still looks good

    Oct 25,2018

  • Bay Lady
    What I will say is this stuff is great and true to color and last me about a week and a half to two weeks with out chipping,to get great nails you need to file

    Oct 12,2018

  • Kevin Herold
    I just started using gel after years of acrylic nails and I love that this base and top coat help to protect my nails while I grow out the damaged areas

    Aug 22,2018

  • Art Tist
    I tried the white color with my gelish base/top coat and it peeled off like within a few hours,but it's been awesome with same brand base + color + top coat

    Sep 06,2018

    Used this several times and both the base and topcoat do a great job of protecting my nails from staining and keeping my nails shiny for weeks

    Oct 26,2018

  • Pedrin_Vai
    I have to file my nails to keep them short and the color grows out before it chips,this is the best quality and decently priced i've found

    Sep 30,2018

  • Inés
    Muy buen producto
    Buen producto. Muy buena viscosidad y color intenso. El pincel es muy pequeño, ideal para detalles. El bote es un poco pequeño, pero por el precio que tiene y el acabado que deja estoy muy muy satisfecha. Volvería a comprarlo, y recomiendo sin dudarlo...

    Oct 21,2019

  • PhotoMaker
    I know is the top coat makes my nails look so shiny you can just use that if you want to rock the clear clean classic look

    Aug 29,2018

  • Richard Khoo
    This was my first time ever putting gel polish on and I put it on a little too thick but it still came out very nice

    Oct 07,2018