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  • Melissa Drapeau
    This knife is the perfect size to attach to your keys and has a very nice look to it, It is also very discrete in that it doesn't look like a knife at first glance, This is the perfect folding knife to carry if you're in a situation where you're work or school doesn't allow any blades to be carried on to the property, This is a great knife to carry if you want something to open letters and boxes or other simple objects, and it may look like a miniature samurai knife -LRB- and the design looks fabulous -RRB-

    Nov 27,2018

  • Mike Bennett
    have higher quality, It wasn't until I found out this tool that I realized that cheap products also have high quality, all made of durable stainless steel, Looking forward to more products with reasonable price and high quality

    Nov 30,2018

  • Vladimir
    Ножик нравится
    Приехал со смазкой, хорошо заточен - спасибо продавцу!
    Увесистый, жесткая клипся, все нравится

    Mar 16,2019

  • Alex M
    Its a nice! Mama mia
    It's an ok knife for the price, the edge is sharp but that doesn't really matter because you can sharpen it yourself. All in all a good product for EDC, nothing special but a good knife for opening boxes or other stuff.

    Mar 05,2019

  • like it
    This functional and handy tool is small and fits well with camping gear as a portable way to sharpen knives on the road, but given the size and cost it's very useful

    Oct 30,2018

  • PopluarNihher
    Its blade is bad
    I’ve bought a 70 cent utility knife and it was much more effective its blade is bad anyways its a flip knife not a karambit.

    Mar 15,2019

  • jason English
    outdoor knife
    shipping was quite quick on this item..was slightly smaller than expected but it's a sturdy little thing..well made and came sharp

    Apr 25,2019

  • Ron
    great little knife, it shipped quick & was quite sharp, right out of the box

    Jan 18,2019

  • Electric Mike
    Handliches Obstmesser
    Optisch ansprechendes kompaktes Taschenmesser, das dank der gebogenen Klinge sehr gut für Äpfel, Orangen und ähnliches geeignet ist.

    Jun 17,2019

  • Roman R.
    the hardness of the knife was very high, The knife is also sharp

    Dec 04,2018