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  • Norman
    Да (1) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    High Quality Product and Good Seller
    The projector feels well built, It has plenty of inputs for all of your mainstream devices and will support USB devices that play directly on the built-in media player. The USBs also provide power, you can use a power bank, so you don't have to worry about a power brick for your device. The remote control is easy to use. The display on this projector is actually pretty nice. It is well suited for 1080P full HD content. the display is pretty bright. you can easily see the picture and watch a movie. Colors are bright and look nice. It's definitely suited better for projecting onto a far surface. You won't be able to focus if you are too close to your wall. The speaker isn't anything crazy loud. It's plenty loud to enjoy a show or movie, but there isn't much bass. This is a projector though, so you can't have too high of expectations. I would probably recommend using the headphone output to hook it up to a more powerful speaker, especially if you're using this outdoors. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a nice projector to play around with. Probably not for someone building a high-end theater, but you will definitely be able to watch movies on this. But for the price, you can have a lot of fun with this. Do make sure you have a nice flat white surface to project on. It's a nice touch that it comes with an HDMI, VGA and RCA cords.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Dirk
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    ein Hingucker
    habe schon einen LED-Projektor, aber im Vergleich zu diesem ist dieser sehr kompakt und ein paar Features waren ausschlaggebend:+ sehr leise, keine lange Abkühlzeit+ Akku inkl. (könnte für Outdoor interessant sein)+ HDMI-Kabel inkl. (leider sehr kurz)+ Verbindung über WiFi/DLNA+ Sprache "Deutsch" verfügbar+ Fernbedienung inkl. Batterie- mitgelieferte Ladestation (EU) macht einen sehr billigen Eindruck - mitgeliefertes Stativ ist schlecht verarbeitet, Füße klappen immer wieder weg und lassen sich nicht fixierenDa ich aber einen kleinen und kompakten Projektor für den Job wollte, der gleichzeitig ein Hingucker ist, fiel die Wahl auf diesen.Einen Stern weniger, wegen der langen Lieferzeit von fast einem Monat.

    Feb 21,2019

  • Pierre
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Good value and quality
    Extremely small and portableBig screen on the wallDecent video qualityDark room needed for a good screenWireless connection is useless if you plan to stream. You can't use your normal Wifi connection at the same time on your smartphone.Overall: bought it for the wireless Wifi connection and unhappy I couldn't use it for Netflix wirelessly, although it works fine with a cable. This thing turns a (dark) room in a small cinema theater, thanks to such a small and portable device. Keeping it for our travels.

    Jan 08,2019

  • Brooke
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Small size with big capability
    The Alfawise X1 projector is only 5.5cm long, wide, and high, however, with it, full HD movies can be presented on 100'' screen clearly. It has built-in 2500mAh LiPo battery to watch an entire movie for outdoor entertainment. It also has self-generated WiFi to be connected to the smartphone. In general, it is exactly what I wanted and everything works perfectly.

    Jan 12,2019

  • Lee
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Alfawise X1 Mini
    Let me start off by saying I rarely submit reviews unless a product has either really disappointed me or has won me over and this product is really good. i was impressed by the good reviews after purchasing it and couldn't wait for it to come in so I could try it out, i can tell you it has definitely lived up to it's positive reviews.

    Mar 02,2019

  • Vincent
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    High Quality Product
    It is very quiet compared to other projectors. 1080P Full HD supported, with HDMI interface. Mini and easy carrying. Built-in WiFi for multi-screen connection.2500mAh rechargeable battery. I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a cheap projector.

    Jan 02,2019

  • Amanda Lee
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Private Movie Theater
    Alfawise X1 projector allows me to have my own movie theater. The mirrored image on the projection has vivid color and high definition. the projector did connect to my iPhone and mirrored my phone content. Not bad for a good quality product at a great price.

    Jan 04,2019

  • Thomas Lemonde
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Small size with big capability
    I Love this projector!Packed with features and easy to use. Was up and running with it within ten minutes of opening the box. Good resolution and quality build. Perfect for outdoor movies, good for the price. It is very quiet compared to other projectors.

    Jan 07,2019

  • Michael Simpson
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Nice projector
    This mini cube projector is amazing! It is small to fit nicely in a pocket, whereas, it supports 1080P full HD. The color of the image is bright and vivid. I was however disappointed that it did not have Bluetooth capabilities.

    Dec 29,2018

  • Robin
    Да (0) Цвет: Gunmetal Размер: EU Plug
    Very portable with great features
    Very portable with great features, it's small, light, decent quality projection. setting it up on a home network was easy. setting it up with android phones was really easy for the price. It's worthwhile.

    Jan 10,2019