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  • Markus M.
    Products is bigger than i though, meaning i trust it more. My 2A powersupply is like half the size. This comes with nice well working power switch push button. So far working perfectly. Havent been able to measure current, and cant cause raspberry is not using 2.5A.... cant get better powersupply with cord and switch for this price. Recommend!!
    Nothing to complain, good product

    Mar 27,2018

  • Razvan
    Raspberry Pi 3 Power Adapter
    I bough it for my raspberry pi 3 installation. I have tested it for a short period of time also with a usb HDD attached to my RPi and it worked. The cable is about a meter long. The switch comes in handy once in a while.

    Jan 14,2018

  • Ricardo
    5V 2.5A Power Supply Charger Adapter - BLACK EU PLUG 2
    Great add on to my Raspberry Pi setup. It works perfect. No more spark it the top right corner of my TV :) The charger is well built and really resistant, the switch is a great add on for turning on off you equipment.
    no cons

    Jun 06,2018

  • Ovidiu
    very stable power adapter. i'm using it to power a raspberry pi 3 media box and it handles it well. as a bonus i can use the power button on the cable to reset the box in case it acts up

    Oct 10,2017

  • Sebastien
    Bloc alim
    C'est un bloc alimentation ideal pour alimenter un raspberry car il dispose d'un interrupteur sur le fil. Plutôt que de brancher/débrancher le cordon micro-USB il permet d'allumer et éteindre le périphérique sans l'abimer.

    Oct 11,2018

  • Juanma
    Una excelente fuente de poder
    El producto corresponde al 100% con la descripcion, ademas de incluir un adaptador a toma de corriente US, lo cual se agradece. La fuente funciona muy bien, ahora me he olvidado del pequeño icono de energia, y estoy mas tranquilo sabiendo que ahora esta mas protegida mi raspberry. Una compra totalmente recomendable.

    Oct 23,2018

  • Macwin
    зарядное с кнопкой
    Отличная зарядка, брал ее из за кнопки, теперь не нужно каждый раз доставать блок питания из розетки, для этого есть кнопка, вообщем рекомендую товар!
    нет мнусов

    Feb 10,2018

  • D N
    5V 2.5A USB Power Adapter with AC Switch
    5V 2.5A USB Power Adapter with AC Switch Good Product! Good condition! Working Fine
    No cons for 5V 2.5A USB Power Adapter with AC Switch

    Nov 16,2017

  • Dennis Motorygin
    Works good
    Provides stable voltage and high current, so i use it sometimes to charge mobile phone - it charges faster with that adapter than with phone own charger it was shipped with. Pi works also fine.
    no. at least not found yet

    Oct 04,2017

  • Fred
    5V 2.5A Power Supply Charger Adapter
    Good 5V 2.5A Power Supply Adapter for the Pi-3B. The cable worked okay and had an on/off switch which is pretty handy. No lightning bolts were produced while testing the adapter on the Pi-3B.

    Apr 13,2018