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  • Сергей
    Посылка пришла в Санкт-Петербург за 15 дней. Упакована прекрасно. Сразу поставил в авто. Ну что сказать, своих денег стоит на все 100%. За 600 рублей, извините, все работает, поставил формат 720р hd, на ноутбуке 15\" на полный экран, все видно, и даже слышно, на что я во всяком случае даже и не рассчитывал, Звук это как то было последнее что мне было нужно, когда заказывал регистратор не за 7000 руб, а за 600 руб. По этому был приятно удивлен,когда на видео себя услышал. В любом случае, выбирать каждый человек должен под себя, и под свои нужды. На данный момент, эта штука меня устраивает на все 100%. А дальше посмотрим.

    Dec 12,2017

  • Sachin Syam
    Budget price, budget quality.
    The camera is good for the price as we can't find any dash cams below $20. But let me tell this to you first, this is not truly full HD, it's much lower resolution but enlarged to HD. So the quality of the video is very poor, the bit rate however is very high,7 minute video uses 1GB. Yet the video quality is very poor and FPS is low too making it very difficult to read number plates. The vision is wide enough. I wish there was a setting available to change video quality. it's only available for photo mode. Strange!If you want something under $20, go for it. Atleast something is better than nothing!
    Pros*Cheap Price*Easy to useCons*Not truly Full HD, poor quality*Manual is not well written

    Jul 13,2018

  • peter
    Auto DVR camera
    the package came in a short time of 23 days, The camera itself is in the box, well protected, in the setting you can set different resolutions, I have set the video to 1280x720p, and the picture at 2 MP. since I consider the image sensor to be weak after a patch test. the image sensor is likely to be 0.3mp or a maximum of 1mp, and other high resolution resolutions are interpolation, which is reflected in the loss of quality , with high-resolution 1080p. But for this money 14, that's all acceptable. Overall Good..
    not , for now.

    Feb 13,2018

  • Marvin Hubner
    Easy to use, good performance
    I got my GT300 after about 2 weeks shipping which is pretty good compared to other B2C. Everything was well packed during shipping so no mishaps or "accidents". The actual DVR is super compact, smaller than I had expected, and the design is cool. By that, I mean it doesn't look like a GoPro lol. Once you get past that and start to play around with it, you'll be pleased with the general results. Resolution is sharp at 1080P FHD, good colors that don't wash out and nice durable design. So far, so good. Thanks, gearbest.

    Jan 07,2016

  • Novák Lajos
    Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for th
    Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!Thanks for the fast shipping !!!Thank you for your journey, it's okay !!!

    Aug 28,2018

  • Delmer Cobble
    Super value car DVR
    Cool design, nice colors and durable case. Been using it for a few weeks. It can handle a knock or two without issue. The hardware under the hood is toward the top end of what's out there right now. The device is still simple enough to handle, doesn't require a NASA pass card or anything. Videos are razor sharp, sound is okay (not amazing), colors pop and the brightness is spot on. Thanks to the design, I can also see getting a lot of mileage out of this bad boy. really pleased. Two thumbs up :)

    Jan 02,2016

  • Yosifov
    Great Product with a great price
    Full HD - really good quality picture Integrated battery Can be used as a web camera when connected to a computer Motion Detection, G-sensor, loop recording....so many good features It does what it is supposed to do. Just put it, connect it and forget about it. It just works and you touch it only if you need video (like an traffic accident). For the quality, unbeatable price
    The integrated battery lasts about 5 minutes and than it's dead. If it was holding longer, it might get even better

    Dec 15,2016

  • Andres
    Cámara para el coche
    Tal y como se describe en el anuncio. Los primeros correctos, tanto los videos como las fotos, muy buena calidad los videos en altas resoluciones, y buenas en reoluciones bajas. El modo "noche" no lo he verificado aún conduciendo, en casa solo se ven bien los objetos muy cercanos a la cámara (como a medio metro). Conectado a la corriente en el vehículo funciona sin problemas, y una vez "aparcado" la batería dura de 15 a 20 minutos, lo justo para poder guardar los videos o tomar algunas fotos.
    La duración de la batería, aunque entiendo es un producto diseñado para usarlo conectado a la corriente, siendo la batería para poder guardar los videos y tomar algunas fotos una vez aparcado el vehículo.

    Apr 23,2017

  • Dashcam
    Praktischer Wegbegleiter auf allen Autofahrten
    Die Kamera überzeugt durch Ihre Funktionalität und ihre einfache Handhabung. Die Halterung die mittels Saugnapf an der Windschutzscheibe innen befestigt wird hält bombenfest und hängt nun über ein Jahr an der gleichen Stelle in meinem Auto. Einen Unfall, bzw. eine Tat indem eine vor mir fahrender LKW ein Steichen verloren hat und meine Scheibe minimal beschädigt hat, könnte ich mittels dieses Beweismittel intern erfolgreich geltend machen.

    Feb 11,2019

  • Kirill
    Car DVR
    Видиорегистратор в целом хороший за свои деньги, есть много функций (удара, парковки и.т.д), но вот качество видео очень посредственное картинка вроде хорошая, но зернистая, номера видно только в близи. Очень чувствителен к питанию, от другого блока не хотел работать, только с родным. За 800 рублей, на мой взгляд отлично для доказательств пойдет:)
    Ночью снимает не очень.

    Jan 10,2017