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  • Marian
    Dual USB auto charger
    It came in good condition, but it came a bit slowly ... I ordered it exclusively because of the convenient positioning of USB ports, I already have a similar, but much more expensive product, which has the disadvantage that my car does not allow cable connection .
    The main problem found in this product is the accuracy of the thermometer, which indicates a lower value (approximately 6 degrees Celsius) than the actual value ...

    Aug 10,2019

  • silver
    4-in-1 car charger
    Dual port 3.1A USB output. After inserting the cigarette lighter, it will automatically display the car voltage . The temperature, output current and input voltage are rotated every 20 seconds.When charge phone,display only input voltage and output current,temperature no.

    Input voltage: DC 12V-24V
    Output voltage: DC 5V
    Output current: 3100mA

    Apr 12,2019

  • gaby1123
    2A - fast charge
    Almost 2A - 1.7A - almost the same.
    So fast charge level 1.
    2A when you have a quality phone. Not always 2A.

    The price can be cheaper but postnl is expensive....

    Aug 07,2019

  • Samdeman
    3.1A 4 in 1 Dual USB Voltmeter

    Jan 13,2020